I am a married mother of three young children and am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching at the University of New England. I am passionate about providing children with a quality music education and have been tutoring and teaching privately on and off since 2004. I hold a current blue card and am available to teach the Clarinet, Music Theory / Musicianship and also offer Music Tutoring to school students of all ages and skill levels. If requested my students can take part in yearly AMEB examinations.

I believe that music is fundamental to the creative, intellectual and emotional development of children. Music engages the imagination, fosters flexible ways of thinking, develops disciplined effort and builds self confidence. It encourages and develops self discipline, problem solving, co-operative and social skills and sensitivity to one’s environment. I encourage parents to be actively involved in their child's music education, and provide a report at the end of every semester to allow them to follow their child's progress.

Research studies show that music achievement and academic achievement go together at all stages in schooling. Music  education can add significantly to the quality of life of a child, both while at school and later in life.

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